Friday, 11 September 2020

Week Ending 11th September 2020


We can't describe how happy we are that we have re-opened the doors of Eaton Bray Academy to all our children this week. Things may look a little different, with hand washing and good health hygiene a priority throughout the school, but we have had a wonderful week, and it's been lovely to hear the sound of children voices in the classrooms and playground.

We have welcomed a number of new children to our EBA family this term - we hope they all settle well with us and are happy. We have also welcomed our new Headteacher, Mrs Mercer and she has spent the week getting to know us all. We are all looking forward to an exciting year ahead.


A lot of unusual things have happened this year, but could any of us have predicted that on our second day back, we would experience an earthquake?  The Great Leighton Buzzard Earthquake of 2020 happened at around 9.45am on Tuesday - the whole building shook for around fifteen seconds. At first we thought that it was caused by the workmen who are busy dismantling and replacing our heating system, but it soon became clear that the same disturbance had been felt for miles around, and the UK Seismology later confirmed a magnitude 3.3 quake had occured!

Fortunately there was no damage and we were quickly able to establish that everyone and everything was safe. The day continued as usual - with earthquakes very much a talking point!


The children have all been very keen to get back to work following their extended break from the routine of school. The Year Five and Year Six children are looking at World War II; the causes, the conflicts, the countries involved, and the aftermath. They are studying the years 1936 to 1953, following a family to learn what they went through. Their Design and Technology lessons also link to this theme, as they are looking at shelters, working towards designing their own shelters that are strong enough to offer protection.

In Science, Key Stage Two children have been given their own lab coat and safety goggles and are learning all about Electricity and Circuits. They have "reverse engineered" a torch to try and find out exactly how it works.


Lots of our learning is taking place outside and we have been able to take advantage of the lovely weather this week to enjoy fresh air and exercise. The younger children have spent a lot of time in wellie boots, making the most of their outdoor Forest School area, and in P.E. the older year groups have learnt a new game - the Flag Relay Race, which tests their speed and sportsmanship as they race to be the first team to bring all of their flags home.