Friday, 20 June 2008

Week Ending 20th June 2008

On Wednesday, Badgers went on an outing to Kempston Outdoors Centre, where they had a wonderfully adventurous day, attempting the "Climbing Wall", "Crate Building" and Archery.

There was a large audience in the hall, on Tuesday, for Sharing Time. Children from all classes participated, and showed us some lovely writing and creative work.

Rabbits have been closely studying our Nursery Building, as part of their art project on buildings. They needed lots of purple and green, when they came to the mixed media task.

Squirrels have been to Scutari Hospital, with Florence Nightingale. They enjoyed marching round as soldiers, which helped to set the scene for one of the lessons.

On Friday it was Shades Day, when the children wore a great variety of stylish and colourful sunglasses! Our special visitors were Valerie and Jenny, from The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association, with Sheba the German Shepherd, and Ned, a black Labrador puppy.