Friday, 23 September 2016

Week Ending 23rd September 2016

This week has seen lots of EBA parents enjoying the "Back to School" experience!  Mums and Dads were invited in to school throughout the week, to sit in on a Maths or English lesson.  The objective was to find out how these core subjects are taught, and to observe how their child responds and learns while in school.  Feedback from these sessions was very positive, with parents agreeing that this was a useful and enlightening experience which would help them to assist their children with their learning at home.

On Wednesday evening, there was a Curriculum Evening for parents, which included a presentation on Growth Mindset, as well as plenty of information about learning goals and expectations for the coming year.  This was well attended, and again, parents were appreciative of the opportunity to find out more about their child's education and learning.

The sun has continued to shine this week, and outdoor activities have been enjoyed by all.  Children in Hamsters Class have been exploring their outside area, enjoying sand and water play, being creative in their "mud kitchen," and using chalk to draw on the playground.  Meanwhile, Hedgehogs and Otters Classes have experienced the great outdoors in Forest School.

Squirrels Class learnt all about maps on Tuesday.  They spent some time in the classroom first of all, looking at Ordnance Survey maps, and noting all the different symbols that show where things are.  Then, armed with clipboards and pencils, they made their way around the school grounds and drew their own maps, marking on all the various interesting features that make up our school grounds and buildings - the allotment, bicycle racks, netball posts and so on!

Back in the classroom, Badgers Class have continued their work on "Extreme Earth" this week, by creating their own volcano.  They discovered that bicarbonate of soda mixed with vinegar makes a chemical reaction that resembles lava flowing from an erupting volcano - even more impressive when you add a dash of washing up liquid and red food colouring!

EBA Enterprise children have had a lovely time learning new cooking skills this week.  The Year Five children have practised and perfected their pancake making, and have each made their own pancake which they topped with a filling of their choice - some chose savoury, some sweet... some a bit of both (sausage and marshmallow anyone?)   A group of Year Six children were shown how to make shortcrust pastry, and went home with a very tasty looking Quorn and vegetable pie.  From next week, the Year Six team will be holding a food stall, "Deer's Delicious Delicacies" on Fridays after school, where parents will be able to purchase home made goodies - don't forget to bring some money when you come to pick up your children on a Friday afternoon!

The School Council have had their first meeting of the school year, and have all sorts of exciting plans and ideas.  Their first initiative is to conduct a survey of all the children in the school, and find out what things people want - democracy in action at EBA!  Our Head Boys and Girls have settled into their responsible new roles, and have given out the first of their weekly Head Boys/Girl awards - to the kitchen staff, who work so hard to provide lovely meals!

School Council 2016/17
Head Boys and Girls 2016/17