Friday, 11 February 2011

Week Ending 11th February 2011

This week has been kinder to us, weather wise, so some children have enjoyed planting little plants that will give a splash of spring colour, soon. Keep your eyes open, as you approach the main entrance!! The Nursery allotments have also now been "dug over" by many pairs of willing hands.

Younger children have been investigating printing and weaving, so do look out for wonderful printed designs, and seasonal weavings, around our School.

Rabbits have been considering a variety of "Special Times" - Hannukah, Shabbat and Holi. On the "curved" glass window there is a selection of stained glass menorahs, and by the dome, a mobile depicting the Stars of "Holi." Please do take time to absorb the children's bright colourful and thoughtful work.

On Thursday, Badgers took part in the K'Nex Challenge, where their task was to build a bridge strong enough to hold a can of coke. They investigated a variety of different bridge designs, including swing bridges, suspension bridges and vertical lift bridges, and enjoyed reproducing them in miniature. The two winners will now go on to the next round of the competition.

On Wednesday, two new governors enjoyed a tour of the School, and the children were delighted to show how hard they were working, but having fun at the same time.