Friday, 14 July 2017

Week Ending 14th July 2017

This week we have welcomed new faces and "old" to Eaton Bray Academy!

The week started with an Induction Day for the new Hamsters children that will be starting with us in September.  While the children played and got to know one another and the Nursery staff, parents had the opportunity to sort out the details of their child's admission, ask any questions, and purchase uniform.  We look forward to seeing all the children again after the summer holiday.

We have had the pleasure of welcoming three sixth former from Cedars Upper School this week, who have been here doing work experience.  The girls are former pupils who left Eaton Bray Lower School (as we were then) some years ago, and are amazed by how the school has changed and grown since their day!  And of course we were all struck by how much they have changed and grown...

They have been very busy all week, helping in the classrooms and doing all sorts of useful tasks - the main one being sorting out all the books in the school library.  We are upgrading to a wonderful new computerised library system over the summer holiday, and all the books need to be categorised and barcoded ready for this.  The girls have worked hard on this and done an amazing job - we are very grateful to them.

On Tuesday, Hamsters Class had a very special visitor.  This week they have been learning about kindness and looking after others, and as part of this, they received a visit from a community police officer, who brought his car to school and let the children take turns to sit in it and press the controls.  They all enjoyed the sound of the siren going off!

The policeman spoke to the children about how to keep safe, and even spoke to them about safety when answering or using a mobile phone.  They then had the opportunity to try on his police hat!  The children all decided that they would like to be police officers when they grow up!

Tuesday was meant to be the day for Hedgehogs and Key Stage One Sports Day, but pouring rain put paid to that, and the event was postponed until Wednesday afternoon, when the sun, happily, chose to shine.

The children took part in hurdles, obstacle and relay races, sprints, and distance races around the school grounds.  Parents came along to spectate and cheer heir children along, and afterwards there was an awards ceremony where certificates and trophies were presented.  It was a lovely afternoon, and well worth waiting for the sunshine!



Moving sports day to Wednesday meant that this ended up being a very busy day!  The afternoon also saw the finals of our EBA University Challenge quiz.  Key Stage Two teams have been battling against one another in the general knowledge arena throughout the year, and the finalists went head to head in the Grand Final, with the winners from each year group receiving a certificate and gift voucher prize.

After school on Wednesday, it was Parents Evening, so the school was once again full of Mums and Dads, who came in to have a look at all the wonderful work that their children had completed over the course of the year, and to speak to the class teachers.  Then in the evening, there was a meeting for parents, giving an update of all that we have been doing in school since our Ofsted Inspection last year.  Thank you to those parents that came along - we do appreciate your support.

On Thursday we held our "Meet the Teacher" morning, when all parents can find out about the class that their child will be going into next year, and meet with their child's new teacher.  The children have a nice long assembly, then playtime, and afterwards, when their parents have gone home, they spend the rest of the morning in their new class with their new teacher, which is always very exciting!  Once again we welcomed some children who are new to our school and will be joining us in September - we hope they enjoyed their day with us and will be happy at Eaton Bray Academy.

And finally it was Friday, with just one more week to go until the long summer holiday!

On Friday lunchtimes throughout the year, a group of Year Four children have run the EBA School Shop, which sells small toys, stationery, gifts and other pocket money items.  Under the supervision of Mrs Hornsey, the children are responsible for sourcing and purchasing the goods to sell, pricing everything up, serving customers, giving change, and counting up the money.

This year's group have done a wonderful job, taken their roles very seriously, and best of all, seem to have enjoyed every minute of being the EBA shopkeepers.  This was their last week of running the shop, which will be handed over to a new group of children in September.  So thank you children, for all your hard work - Mrs Hornsey is very proud of you all!