Friday, 28 September 2007

Week Ending 28th September 2007

This week, we have completed our Science topics. the children were amaxed to discover how many bones there are in their bodies. Our "Funnybones" skeleton visited all Key Stage 1 and Foundation classes. One boy said "Oh, I've never shaken a skeleton's hand before!"

On Friday we held an International Harvest Day. The children had the opportunity to visit each of our classrooms.

Badgers: Spain

Rabbits: China

Squirrels: France

Hedgehogs: Italy

Each child recorded their visits in their own personal passport, which was stamped on entry to each of their countries. Many subjects were encompassed in the day, including: Geography, Maths, ICT, Drama, English, Design and Technology and Music. In Squirrels Class, the only way to enter was by passing under the Eiffel Tower, which proved quite a feat for some of our taller Mums and Dads!