Friday, 22 May 2015

Week Ending 22nd May 2015

Half term is now beginning... a week to enjoy your children and have fun together!

Fun was had by all who attended our Sports Day at Stockwood Park Athletics Track on Wednesday, and took part in track and field events.  These included running races, relays, hurdles, shot-put and "speed bounce" all accompanied by lots of enthusiastic cheering!  The weather was a little wet at times, but this did not dampen our spirits in any way!

On our return to school, an award ceremony was held for all the winners and runners up, who were presented with wristbands coloured gold, silver or bronze.  Our Sports Leaders then handed out certificates for enthusiasm, team spirit and determination - things which are of course just as important in sport as the ability to move fast and win races.  Then a special award was given by the children to Mrs Hawkes who did such a good job of organising this special day.



With the rest of the school away for the day, Hamsters had the school to themselves!  They made the most of it by having a special P.E. session in the hall.

Squirrels had an exciting day earlier in the week, when the Fire Brigade came to visit.  They had a talk about fire safety, then got the chance to have a close look at the fire engine.  The visit was cut short though, when the Fire Officers were suddenly called out on a emergency!  The children were very impressed with how quickly they got themselves changed and ready for action, before whizzing off through the village with the siren blaring.

See you all in a week - have a lovely half term holiday!