Friday, 29 June 2007


Despite the inclement weather our Summer Fair went very well. This was the first time we have held the event on a Sunday. Luckily some brave souls came out to join in the fun and spend lots of money.
Badger class had another swimming lesson on Tuesday and they seem to be gaining in confidence.
The Children entertained our visitors from Northall Age Concern on Wednesday afternoon. The whole School performed some old time music hall favourites and this was followed by some of the children playing musical instruments, and dancing. Afterwards Badger class served our guests with a light tea. One of the guests spoke to the children and said how much they had enjoyed themselves.
Today was Shades Day. At 10am we had a special assembly where Valerie, who works for Guide Dogs for the Blind, talked to us about what guide dogs do and how they are trained. We tried on some glasses which helped us to understand what it's like to be blind. At the end a few lucky children got to stroke Sheba the trainee guide dog who was only ten weeks old!