Friday, 13 May 2016

Week Ending 13th May 2016

Key Stage 2 SATs have finished!!

Our Year 6 children can now relax and enjoy the remainder of their last term at Eaton Bray Academy.  Year 2 children, meanwhile, have just one more task to do next week.  It's been a quiet week with all the assessments going on, but everyone has found time to enjoy the usual variety of activities.

Children in Otters Class have continued their work on growing, by finding out how plants develop and grow.  They have planted sunflower seeds and are continuing to monitor the growth of the potatoes they planted last week - most of them now have their tops showing!

Throughout the school, children have been using our fabulous ipads, and investigating diffferent "apps" to enhance their computing skills.  The Digital Leaders Club, which meets after school every Thursday, are choosing an app to review each month.  Their "App of the Month" for May is "Book Creator", which allows the children to make their own book, adding photos, voices and videos.  They have all agreed that this is a five star app!

The EBA Enterprise team enjoyed another great cookery lesson on Wednesday.  This week they were shown how to make lasagne.  Our aspiring chefs really enjoyed finding out the secrets of how to create this classic Italian dish - and tasting it of course!

Also this week, one of the wraps that was devised in the Enterprise session last week, was included on the school dinner menu.  Everyone enjoyed their tasty fish finger wrap ("The Appetiser"), not least the boys that created the recipe!

On Friday, it was the final Class Assembly of the school year.  This time, it was Hamsters' turn, and the children that took part were the oldest pre-schoolers, who will be joining Hedgehogs Class after the summer holiday.  They shared with their parents some of the lovely work they have been doing this term, including drawings, letters and number work, sang some songs, and told the story of "We're Going on a Bear Hunt".  Everyone who attended agreed that it was a really lovely occasion.

In the afternoon, our Year 6 children celebrated the end of SATs week with a bit of a party on the field and in their classroom.  There was music and dancing, a film to watch on the interactive whiteboard, and plenty of party food - sausage rolls, crisps, cake, fruit juice - as well a special celebratory chocolate cake made by Mrs Healy in the kitchen.

All very well deserved we think!