Friday, 26 April 2013

Week Ending 26th April 2013

The kind weather this week has allowed the children to begin sowing seeds and planting vegetable plants, in our allotment.  The kitchen staff are looking forward to cooking the fresh vegetables for lunch.  Watch this space so that when the fresh produce is ready to pick, visitors can book their lunch, to sample the fare.

A new range of Choices began on Thursday, enabling all Main School children to sample a new subject.  There are talks by visitors about their hobbies / jobs, and a new selection of science and sporting activities.  The children thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to work with children from other classes, and return to their base classes, bubbling with enthusiasm and excitement.

An outing has been booked for this term, so watch this space for details of where and when!  Our H.S.A. have lots of original ideas for activities during the summer, so do please try to support at least some of these events.

This year the Village Carnival theme is Science Fiction.  we, as always, will have a School float, and have decided on our theme - which remains top secret at this moment in time!  Do consider helping in some way, as this ensures a "space on board" for your children.