Friday, 13 March 2009

Week Ending 13th March 2009

We finished the week by celebrating "Red Nose Day". Everyone wore something funny - staff made the children laugh due to the jokes they wore on their outfits... are you ready? "What do you call a donkey with three legs?" "Wonky!" Can you manage another???!! What initials are used for a hungry horse?" "M.T.G.G."

Children dressed in funny outfits, and it was hard to know which direction they were travelling in, as clothes were worn back to front!

Our pond is on its way to being rejuvinated. It is inhabited by many frogs, who are now happily hopping in and out , and using the new "beach" areas, as landing stages. The next phase, is to paint the fence and shelter, and put up information posts to inform the children about ponds and pond-life.

Afternoon subject this week has been science. Badgers have investigated magnets and springs and culminated their topic by making "chair and band" catapaults! Rabbits have been looking at contrasting areas. (Watch this space to discover how tall their bean plant grows to.) Squirrels have thought about "Forces", and discovered what makes vehicles move more quickly / more slowly. Hedgehogs are refurbishing their mini-beast garden... so creepy-crawlies LOOK OUT!