Friday, 15 April 2016

Week Ending 15th April 2016

The summer term has now started and we look forward to warm sunny days and playtime on the field!  Once the April showers have passed anyway...

On Wednesday this week, Rabbits, Badgers and Foxes Classes visited the National Space Centre in Leicester, to round off their work on journeys, travel and transport.

They left by coach at 8.00am, and got there in plenty of time to really take advantage of everything the museum had to offer.  Exhibits included plenty of hands-on activities, which taught the children more about space exploration, and gave an insight into what it's like to be an astronaut (the children were especially interested to find out how astronauts go to the toilet in space...!)

The highlight of the day was a visit to the planetarium, where the children enjoyed a 360 degree tour of the night sky, learning about the planets and stars, and finding out some of the myths behind the constellations.  They then sat back and enjoyed a "journey outside of our solar system", to investigate some of the most distant objects that have been observed in deep space.

"Here is the weather forecast for today!"  Back at school, this week, Otters Class have been finding out how to predict the weather and present it as a forecast.  They investigated how technology is used in weather forecasts today, comparing it with the past.  They then designed their own simple systems for recording the weather.

On Thursday, Rabbits Class got into the swing of summer sports, with half of the class going swimming at Dunstable Leisure Centre, and the other half walking across to Eaton Bray tennis courts for tennis lessons.  They all enjoyed their activity and everyone is keen to progress in their new sport.

Hamsters Class had some new children start this week - they are all settling in nicely and enjoying the start of their pre-school adventure.  There have been some lovely sunny spells, so the children have been able to play outside, and do some gardening.  They have been planting petunias in wellies, giving a whole new meaning to the expression "fill your boots!"

There is a quiz night to look forward to at School this weekend, and a busy week in store next week. with a swimming gala, a visit to another school for Badgers Class, Hedgehogs class assembly, St George's Day breakfast and much more!