Friday, 28 September 2018

Week Ending 28th September 2018

The Year Five children have thoroughly enjoyed their week of Bikeability.  And what lovely weather they have had to get outside and learn those very important cycling skills.  We are pleased that these EBA children will now be able to cycle confidently and safely, and hope that their training will encourage them to get out and use their bikes, remembering all that they have been taught.

It was lovely to receive the this email from the Bikeability team following their few days with us:

   I must say what a pleasure its has been working with your Year 5 class. Every single one of them 
   was polite, attentive and did exactly what we asked. For some of them they were out of their 
   comfort zones at times. Without exception they have all been a credit to you and the school.

Well done Foxes Class!


On Monday evening, the Home School Association held their Annual General Meeting, where they recapped on their social and fundraising events from last year, and outlined all their plans for the coming year.  The meeting was very well attended - thank you to all who came along to support the committee, and to find out more.  There are some exciting developments in the pipeline this year, such as a change of name, and the creation of a social media presence, which we hope will improve communication, engage parents and encourage greater participation in school events.  Watch this space!


On Tuesday morning, Deer Class presented the first "Values for Life" assembly of the year to the rest of the school.  The value for this half term is "Responsibility", and our Year Six children took their responsibility very seriously when it came to delivering an interesting and informative assembly.  They spoke about what responsibility means to them, and how they were going to take more responsibility at home - keeping their room tidy, helping to get dinner ready, not fighting with their siblings...

The younger children really enjoyed the assembly, and Otter Class felt compelled to write and thank Deer Class:


We had a wonderful surprise visitor this week - Marion from the Paleng Children's Centre in Lesotho!  We have had links with this charity in southern Africa since 2014, and during this time our Year Six classes have formed pen-pal links with the children there, exchanging gifts, and learning about their lifestyle and culture.  So it was lovely this week to hear first hand some stories about what has been going on in Lesotho and to renew our links with these friends.  

Marion gave the children a fascinating talk about life at the centre, read a traditional tale, and showed our children how to do a traditional Lesotho handshake.  She gifted the school with two bilingual story books and some postcards showing the beautiful scenery of Lesotho.  For more information about the Paleng Children's Centre, please take a look at their website.


Friday afternoon saw our first "Enrichment" afternoon for Key Stage Two children.  The children were split into mixed age groups, and each group explored a different activity, as follows:

   Art with Mrs Lyons
   Hiking with Mr Whall
   Street Golf with Tilsworth Golf Centre
   Survival and Team Building with Ms Cosgrove
   Gardening with Miss Waldock
   Masterchef with Mrs Hounslow

Dr Bell and Mr Meade were the judges for the Masterchef challenge, which was to design a healthy nutritious breakfast which would set children up for the day ahead.

Younger children meanwhile enjoyed another Friday afternoon Choices session.  What a fabulous way to end the week!