Friday, 10 October 2008

Week Ending 10th October 2008

Our formal Nursery opening on Saturday was a chance for everyone to get together for a delicious "Continental Brunch", followed by photo-shoots and live jazz entertainment. Visitors found the venue by following the "red balloon" trail, and many went home with one of the balloons, as a memento.

Religious Education has been our foundation subject this week. Hedgehogs and Squirrels have been thinking of Special Occasions, especially Harvest around the World. Squirrels made mouth-watering "Super Soup", with lots of tasty vegetables, brought in from home, and it was voted the best soup ever. The whole School smelt of garlic, leeks and onions! To celebrate the Fruit Harvest, there were some "dancing pigs" made from apples and dried fruit.

Rabbits have been learning about Special Places, focusing on churches and mosques.

Badgers investigated Divali, and now have a lovely bright pink and black display, encompassing puppets from the "Rama and Sita" story, Divali greeting cards and clay divas.

Exciting things are happening around our grounds - a new bicycle "depot" is being built and a new storage area is being erected.

Our next special occasion is Divali Day on 24th October - many of us have already planned our costumes. Some ideas are traditional saris; "candle" outfits; elephant and monkey outfits; as well as rangoli patterned hands.