Friday, 8 May 2009

Week Ending 8th May 2009

The highlight of our week was a visit from the Fire Brigade on Thursday. Year Two children had a wonderful time using the hose on the fire engine, to "wash down" our parking area. Now, lots of them want to join the fire service!

On Tuesday, our younger children put on fluorescent coats, and practised crossing safely, in the School grounds.

Our older children went to visit a mosque on Tuesday, and returned with a fund of knowledge, and with answers to their question booklets. This was the culmination of their Religious Education topic.

This week Squirrels have been investigating light and dark. They made peep-boxes, for their Squirrel models, and discovered which of the torches gave the brightest light. At the end of the topic, they made shadow puppets, and had a puppet show, using the white board. Rabbits investigated materials, and made a technicolour dream-coat, for Joseph. Badgers have enjoyed a week of planting and growing, and their room is full of "greenery" already - some edible! Hedgehogs have been making French food from salt dough - ready for their French week, next week - and mixing powder paint to make different colours.

Our bird hide has already been used by many children, and our binoculars have been in constant use. The birds seem to be getting braver, and are eating our bird cakes at a great rate. Watch this space for our next project, already in planning stage...