Friday, 2 October 2020

Week Ending 2nd October 2020

The weather has changed and it is now definitely feeling more like autumn outside. We are looking forward to being able to switch our new heating system on, once the engineers have finished installing it...

The rain hasn't completely stopped our outdoor learning - Hedgehogs Class are still thoroughly enjoying exploring their Forest School area, and the older children have brought the outside inside as they gathered materials for their D&T shelters and made a start on construction. How do you knit sticks and leaves together? Is it weave one, pearl one?


There was great excitement this week, as every child was sent home from school with a tube of Smarties! This was courtesy of the PTA, and was accompanied by this little ditty:

EBA PTA would like to give you a yummy treat,

So we’re sending you these colourful Smarties to eat!

KEEP the tube, don’t throw it away,

Do tasks and good deeds to earn your pay.

So come on EBA pupils, answer our call,

So we can raise money to buy computers for school!

Be a “smartie” and fill your tube with coins & pennies,

And return to your classroom before half term please.

The class who raises the most wins a prize, hooray!

This year, the PTA aim to raise funds for new ICT equipment, including at least fifteen laptops for learning, nine for teachers and office staff, and five docking stations to connect to interactive whiteboards. Funding raising events are rather more difficult to organise in these times of social distancing and "rule of six", but the PTA has plenty of plans underway, and we are grateful for all their support.



Foxes and Deer Classes have another update on their project work:
In History, we are now in June 1939 and there is a threat that Hitler might continue his plans for invasion and the fear that Britain may be next. ARP Wardens are issuing gas masks and Anderson Shelters are being delivered to people. We have been looking at health in 1939 and the fact that if you couldn’t afford a doctor or a dentist, you didn’t get treated. Hospitals were not run by the government and relied on donations and charity. If you needed glasses, the cheapest way was to buy a pair from Woolworths. They may not have been the best, but they were only sixpence a lens. We learnt that there were many posters, and other forms of propaganda, informing people to eat healthily, look after themselves, stay indoors away from others if you are ill, and that ‘coughs and sneezes, spread diseases!’. We used our literacy skills to analyse health posters from the war era.


We have elected our Head Girl and Head Boy - congratulations to Ronnie and Tom, and to Bobbie and Will who will assist them as their deputies.