Friday, 23 March 2018

Week Ending 23rd March 2018

Hedgehogs children had a lovely week this week, enjoying some fresh air and learning outside of the classroom.  As part of their topic work on castles, they visited Berkhamsted Castle in the minibus, with half the class going on Tuesday and the other half on Thursday.  They had a wonderful time exploring the 11th century ruins of the "Bashed Down Castle", as one of the children described it! 

Back in the classroom, the children had the opportunity to look at and try on some knights' armour, and were astonished to discover just how heavy it was.





Otters and Squirrels children have been enjoying some active maths this week, using hoops to explore fractions, and a variety of objects to measure length and height.

In Science this week, Badgers Class have been investigating sound, and have made instruments that can produce different pitches.  Rabbits meanwhile, have been looking at fossils, and have created their own fossils from plaster of Paris.

Hamsters children are very excited that their vegetable seeds have started sprouting!

Foxes Class's Enterprise session this week was a Masterchef challenge to make kebabs.  Ingredients included chicken, different types of sausage, and a variety of vegetables, and the children used our portable halogen hobs to cook it all, which was quite exciting!  The kebabs were served with salad and pitta bread, to Mr Whall and Mr Meade who had volunteered to be the judges, and their chosen winner was a particularly delicious wrap, with chicken, chilli and onion and home-made garlic and mayonnaise sauce.  Yummy!