Friday, 24 April 2015

Week Ending 24th April 2015

Another busy week has flown by.  The sun has continued to shine for us, and Otters Class have planted sunflowers and started sunflower diaries.  It will be exciting to see how tall they grow!

Badgers Class have been learning about abstract art, and the surrealist work of Salvador Dali.  They have recreated their own versions of his art with impressive results.

On Thursday we celebrated St George's Day with a special "Full English" Breakfast, for adults and children.  The School Hall was festooned with St George's flags and bunting, and children were invited to come to school wearing their Cubs/Brownies/Beavers uniforms.  The aroma of bacon wafted along the corridors, and guests leaving remarked that they were so full up, that they probably wouldn't require lunch!  Thank you to the HSA for organising the event, and to the kitchen staff for getting up early to cook for us!

Our St George's Day celebrations continued into the afternoon, with cricket on the field, and "Afternoon Tea" with Victoria sponge and fresh orange under the Chatterbox.

A new range of "Choices" began again on Friday, and will run until the May half term holiday.  The selection is as follows: Karate, Jobs People Do, Sports, Raspberry Pi for Key Stage Two, Art, Levers, Bags of Fun, Pottery, Sewing, Orienteering and Golf at Tilsworth Golf Club.