Friday, 4 December 2009

Week Ending 4th December 2009

This week, we have had lots of visitors, from very young to rather elderly. On Monday afternoon, there was an "Induction Afternoon", for Hamsters, and on Wednesday, a Christmas tea party for about thirty elderly citizens. They were entertained with singing / recorders / piano recital, and the afternoon culminated with a delicious tea, and tour of our lovely School. Badgers acted as tour guides, and answered the many questions, as well as acting as waiters and waitresses.

Congratulations to some children in Rabbits Class, who have won a prize in a poetry competition. They entered shape poems, and worked very hard on the original content and layouts.

Our afternoon focus this week has been religious education. Squirrels had a journey to Bethlehem, with Mary and Joseph leading the way, accompanied by a musical tribe! Hedgehogs were amazed as we passed through their room, and made favourable remarks about the costumes. Rabbits used their imagination to invent a new celebration day, whilst Badgers thought about the meaning behind stained glass windows, even designing their own unique ones.

On Friday we held a final rehearsal in the Church, where we saw the lovely new plaque in the garden that we designed and created. Do come along next Monday to St Mary's at 6 o'clock, and join us for a musical extravaganza!