Friday, 24 February 2012

Week Ending 24th February 2012


Hedgehogs and Squirrels have already moved to a different climate... the Rainforest Zone. Look out for a range of species, from jumping tree frogs, to slumbering sloths.

Otters have been thinking of food... (again!!) and have been considering original pancake fillings, with up to nine imaginative fillings.

Rabbits have been investigating our School environment, and locating re-cycling and "Green Team" areas.

Badgers have been focusing on the sense of sound... did a siren just go off...?! Yes, the topic is World War II: The Blitz.

On Thursday evening, some staff visited Whipsnade Zoo, for a series of workshops. This is linked to our sponsorship of zoo animals, and our future "Bring an Animal" Day. More information later.

REMEMBER - MONDAY 27th FEBRUARY: WORLD BOOK DAY (costumes from "Around the World.")