Friday, 16 October 2015

Week Ending 16th October 2015

As we approach half term, it is really beginning to feel like autumn outside on some mornings.  We have all noticed though, how well our new windows keep out the drafts, and keep in the warmth - hopefully this will make a difference to our heating requirements this year!

On Tuesday, the Home School Association held its AGM.  The new committee has lots of wonderful ideas for social and fundraising ideas for this school year, and are working hard already to organise the Christmas Fayre which will take place on Saturday 28th November.  Please check the school website for all the other important dates in the run up to Christmas.

Parents of children in Deer Class have been asked to select their choices from the "Brasserie Bray" menu, for their special EBA Enterprise Restaurant evening in December.  They have a choice of the following French dishes, all of which will be prepared and served by the children:

Le Menu
Les Escargots
La Soupe au Poisson
La Salade Niçoise
Le Plat Principal:
Moules Marinières
Coq au Vin
Une Tarte à l’Oignon
Le Dessert:
Crêpes Suzettes
Crème Brulée
‘Mess Eaton Bray’

This week the children learnt how to cook "escargots" (snails) for the restaurant, and made cakes, iced buns, and snack packs to sell at their Enterprise stall.

Foxes children devised and created a selection of hot sandwiches, which were tasted and assessed by Mr Wallis.  There were burgers, pittas and wraps with a variety of meat and vegetarian fillings, some of which were really quite spicy...  Among the winners was a wasabi peas and mango chutney sandwich - Mr Wallis had asked the children to "think outside the box," when choosing their ingredients, and they certainly did that!

 At the other end of the school, our youngest children, in Hamsters class, have also been creative this week.  They had great fun making "Marvellous Mixtures" with a variety of ingredients including cornflour, fabric conditioner, glitter and cornflakes.  Parents will be pleased to know that we will not be serving these concoctions in our French restaurant!  They also wrapped up warm and enjoyed an autumn themed nature walk this week.

 All the classes have been working hard on various activities linked to our Creative Curriculum topic, "What Makes Britain Great."  Otters have been learning about the Royal Family, and have written postcards addressed to royal residences.  Squirrels have been looking at British history, finding out all about the Great Fire of London and recreating newspaper reports from that era.  Rabbits have been reviewing books by Anthony Browne, as part of their work on significant British authors.  Foxes children had the task of choosing an important character from British history, and giving a presentation to their classmates on the life of their chosen Great British figure.

On Thursday, parents of children in Reception Year were invited to "An Evening with Hedgehogs," where they were given the opportunity to come in and find out more about how English and Maths is taught in Hedgehogs Class.  Mrs Matthews talked about our online reading resource, Bug Club, the Hedgehogs' "Morning Challenge" and gave suggestions about how parents could help their children at home.  Parents were also shown a short film of the children taken during a Literacy session.  The evening was very well attended, and parents agreed that they had found it a very useful and informative exercise.

Next week - Parents' Evening, on Wednesday and Thursday.  If you haven't already done so, don't forget to book a time to come in and speak to your child's teacher.  The online appointment system on ParentMail makes it very easy for you to see what time slots are still available.