Friday, 24 September 2010

Week Ending 24th September 2010

This week some of us have been participating in our first Sharing Assembly of the new School year. Children shared their successes and achievements with their families and other children and staff. Well done to all involved!

Some of us have been working on our art pictures for the gallery next month, so save your pennies parents, as they will be for sale, in the School Hall soon. Watch this space for exact details.

Our allotment has been diligently watered and turned over, then planted with winter cabbage, garlic and onions. At the beginning of the week the children had the opportunity to try crisps in School... beetroot flavoured of course! Our clever cook found a novel way of encouraging the children to eat beetroot... they were Simply Red... and Simply Delicious!!

Crops of potatoes, beans, peas, tomatoes, red onions and carrots have been served in School dinners, and the children have voted them "the tastiest ever!"