Friday, 23 April 2010

Week Ending 23rd April 2010

Welcome back!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable "break" - not just when cracking open Easter eggs... and talking about eggs... we now have three hens (watch this space for their names - the children are voting in their very own "General Election" voting booths).

We also have two new members of staff in the Pre-School this term, so a very warm welcome to them both.

On Friday we started a new round of "Choices" topics, including pond party / hen house help etc. Hopefully everyone will enjoy what they choose for this half term.

Our allotment is beginning to flourish again, and fruit and vegetables are beginning to pop through the soil. Our school cook is planning to use the produce in her delicious meals - what fun to eat what we grow. This term we will also supply the kitchen with some fresh eggs. You will be able to take a box of eggs home too, when the hens begin laying.