Friday, 15 December 2017

Week Ending 15th December 2017

A snowy start to our last full week of 2017!

We knew that snow was forecast, but no-one expected quite so much to fall on Sunday and Monday.  By Sunday evening it was clear that the conditions of roads and footpaths would make it necessary to close the school, so on Monday the children all enjoyed a SNOW DAY!

This wasn't without its problems however, especially as Induction Day for our new Nursery children was meant to take place on Monday morning, and one of the Christmas concerts was scheduled to take place in the afternoon!  So lots of swift rescheduling of this busy week was required, and lots of understanding and patience on the part of children, staff and parents.  Thank you to all for your support.

By Tuesday the paths and playground had been cleared and salted, and most people were able to make their way into school.  The children enjoyed a  lovely playtime on the field, showing wonderful teamwork in making an igloo, with help from children right across every year group.

On Wednesday, Badgers children held their Class Assembly, where parents were invited in to find out all about the work that Badgers have been doing this term.  The children played their ukuleles and sang songs that they have learnt in Music lessons, then talked about their work on Ancient Egypt.  They acted out the story of the discovery of King Tut's tomb, taking the roles of Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter. 

Following this, parents enjoyed a Science presentation about teeth and the digestive system, some fireworks poetry, a demonstration of the children's French conversation skills, and a display of their Van Gogh inspired artwork.

Wednesday was also Christmas Dinner day.  All the children enjoyed roast turkey and all the trimmings, served to them by their teachers, and had fun pulling crackers, wearing party hats and listening to festive music! 

Then, to round off a busy Wednesday, parents were invited to St Mary's Church in Eaton Bray in the evening, for our Key Stage Two Christmas Celebration.  This consisted of traditional carols, and readings, telling the story of the nativity.  There were also some individual musical performances, and poetry recital.  It was a lovely evening, enjoyed by all who attended.

And so, following a busy Wednesday, an even busier Thursday!  Monday's concert which had to be cancelled due to snow, was rescheduled for Thursday morning, meaning that on Thursday there were no less than three Christmas concerts taking place at school!

The first of these was Hamsters Class' performance, "Happy Birthday Jesus."  This was a nativity play with Christmas songs and poems from our youngest children.  Clever use was made of the interactive technology in the School Hall, as part of the show involved video that had been taken of the children in the classroom, meaning that all the children in Nursery were able to appear in the performance.  After the show, parents enjoyed refreshments and a raffle in the Nursery building.

Then there was a quick turnaround, and Hedgehogs, Otters, Squirrels and Rabbits Classes took the stage, for their first performance of "Lights, Camel, Action!"  This nativity play was based on Strictly Come Dancing, and featured line dancing Nazareth Villagers, disco dancing Wise Men, ballet dancing Angels, Morris dancing Shepherds and tangoing Innkeepers!  There was some lovely singing, and much laughter, as the traditional tale was told in an entertaining and lively way.

The second performance took place in the afternoon, and the Hall was once again packed with appreciative audience members.  We hope everyone enjoyed watching the show as much as the children enjoyed performing in it!


Friday was a day of Christmas parties!  Rabbits and Badgers had theirs in the morning, enjoying traditional party games such as Pass the Parcel and Musical Statues, and a visit from Father Christmas.  Then in the afternoon, it was the turn of Hedgehogs, Otters and Squirrels.  Much fun was had by all!  Hamsters children will have their Christmas party on Tuesday of next week, while the Main School will enjoy a Talent Show.

All that remains is to wish everyone a very happy Christmas, and a wonderful New Year!  We return to school on Thursday 4th January (weather permitting of course...), and look forward to seeing all the children then!

Friday, 8 December 2017

Week Ending 8th December 2017

What a lovely week we have had at Eaton Bray Academy!

On Monday, during assembly, our new Year Five and Six Pupil Librarians were awarded their special badges from one of our Governors.  The children had to apply for this role, and were formally interviewed by school staff, before being offered the job.  Congratulations to all the successful candidates, and we hope you enjoy carrying out your responsibilities helping to run the library.

Also on Monday, after school, some of our Year Four children took part in a floodlit Tag Rugby Tournament at All Saints Academy.  Our children gave a wonderful performance against five other schools from the area - they looked committed right from the start and controlled every game, tagging well and showing off the skills they had practiced in PE lessons this term.  There were many tries scored over the five matches played, with the children showing great running, passing and dodging skills, as well as teamwork and support.

Well done to all who represented EBA so well... and ended up winners of the tournament!

On Wednesday afternoon, the whole school, including some children from Hamsters Class walked down to St Mary's Church in Eaton Bray, to take part in our annual Christingle Service.  The children had made their Christingles in class in the morning, and had learnt about what the various elements of the Christingle represent.

The vicar spoke to the children about the meaning of Christmas, and everyone joined in with singing "Away in a Manger" while the Christingles were lit.  As usual, the church looked rather magical by flickering candlelight, and the children's faces were full of wonder as they carefully held their lit Christingles.


As part of the Christingle celebration, all the children had taken home a cardboard collection candle, which could be filled with loose change to be donated to the Children's Society.  Amazingly, all the pennies and two pence pieces collected mounted up to a fantastic £275 for the charity!  This sum will contribute towards their work, making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children in the UK.

Rehearsals have been taking place all week for the younger children's Christmas Production, "Lights, Camel, Action!", a nativity with a Strictly Come Dancing theme!  Everyone now has their costume sorted out and has learnt their dance moves... it is sure to be a wonderfully entertaining show, with two exclusive performances next week for parents to look forward to!

Thursday was a very exciting day for our Year Six children, as it was the long awaited day that their Best of British restaurant "Bray's Graze" would be opening its doors.

The children spent much of the day preparing food, with plenty of chopping, peeling, whisking, mixing, simmering and tasting going on in the school kitchen.  The school hall was transformed into a sophisticated dining room, with soft lighting, beautiful table decor and festive background music, and by 6.30pm, the children were ready to receive their first guests.

Diners were greeted at the door by smartly dressed maitre d's, who showed their guests to a reception room where drinks and nibbles were on offer.  When their tables were ready, the waiters took over, politely taking orders, and bringing the food out with a smile.

There was musical entertainment courtesy of our Deputy Head Boy, Alex, who gave a fabulous rendition of "Jingle Bells" on the cornet, and a real party atmosphere reigned in the hall, as the diners (parents, staff, school governors and friends) tucked into British classics dishes such as shepherds pie and toad in the hole.

Behind the scenes, the children working in the kitchen were very busy preparing the food, juggling pots and pans with one hand while stirring sauces with the other, to make sure everything was ready on time and in the right quantities - they really did an excellent job!

It was a lovely evening for all involved, and the children are feeling rightly proud of their achievement in getting their restaurant up and running.  Thanks are due to all who helped, and all who came along to support the event. 

If you were one of the Bray's Graze customers, we would love to hear your feedback, and there is a "Trip Advisor" style feedback form on the school website that we encourage you to complete.  Please click here to access this.  Thank you!