Friday, 16 January 2015

Week Ending 16th January 2015

Already a couple of weeks into the New Year, as well as the Spring Term, and our topic work on "Sharing Our Planet" is in full swing!

Rabbits had a thoroughly enjoyable time in Forest School this week, making shelters strung from tree branches. They were then able to huddle underneath, warm and cosy and shielded from the cold January wind and rain!

A more permanent shelter has also been built - or rather planted - as part of our Forest School: a living willow structure, which will grow and become a part of the woodland area.  Inside there is seating for a small class of children, and we will develop our learning through use of this "outdoor classroom."  We look forward to watching the willow stems grow leafy as the year progresses!

Outdoor activities have been the focus in Pre-School as well, as Hamsters have had a lovely time this week, making a muddy patch in their playground... Mums may not have been quite so pleased though, when they saw what their washing machines would have to deal with this weekend!!

Choices has started anew, with a variety of activities for children to select, including orienteering, pottery, raspberry pi (computing) and levers, as well as old favourites like art, sewing, golf and karate.  We are pleased to see the return of the very popular "Jobs People Do" choice, and this week, children had a visit from a local policeman, who talked about his work, and allowed the children to explore the patrol car.

The Enterprise team have started their new business initiative.  Following the success of their restaurant, they were determined to do more in the area of catering and cooking, and so this term's challenge is Masterchef!  They are creating recipes, and making their own products, which will be judged and evaluated (though no-one will be eliminated) ad there is a prize at the end of it all...

Finally, we had some great news this week, when our HSA told us that their successful fundraising before Christmas meant that there is enough money available to restock our library with brand new fiction and non-fiction books!  We can't wait to go on that particular spending spree...