Friday, 6 June 2008

Week Ending 6th June 2008

On Tuesday, Key Stage One and Foundation children had a lesson on crossing the road safely, from a team of three visitors. They looked very colourful in their fluorescent tops.

Friday was "Bear" day, and the children brought along their favourite bears. Paddington Bear's 50th birthday was celebrated too, and everybody had fun designing cards, and making up party games.

Our "Scavenger Hunt" has been extended for another week - so get scavenging!!

We are on a countdown from twenty now... Our nursery should then be completed.

This week, geography has been our focus. Barnaby Bear has been travelling in this country, and abroad, as far as St Lucia and Antarctica. There was a delicious smell of tropical fruits coming from Rabbits Class... and thank you, the pineapple was delicious and juicy!

Squirrels went shopping, and designed some magnificent shops and shopping bags. Some Mums weren't too sure how they would manage with buggies and amazing Squirrel shopping bags!