Friday, 1 March 2013

Week Ending 1st March 2013

Another week has flown by.  This week has been History Week.  Each class has been learning about a different period of history, and the children have been moving from class to class to find out more about the Victorians, Tudors, The Great Fire of London, Pirates and Explorers.  So much fun, when you are a Reception child, to be taught by the Year 4 teacher in the Year 4 classroom!  The highlight of the week was Thursday, when children and staff dressed up as characters from the past, ranging from chimney sweeps and urchins, vikings and astronauts, bakers and dinosaurs!

Our hens have returned from their half-term holiday, and are busily laying lots of eggs again.

The class gardens have been replaced by extra playground surfaces, to give the children more  scope for their imaginative play.

This weekend, our new classrooms will arrive from France. Watch the changing landscape by Hedgehogs/Pre-School as the classrooms are erected.

There is also a new surface by the steps in the playground, for the replacement "Chatterbox."  This area will be used as an outside stage for drama activities... Open Air Theatre comes to the village!

The date for our World Book Day is Thursday 14th March... the topic for all children is a character from Shakespeare.