Friday, 3 May 2013

Week Ending 3rd May 2013

This week, there have been two very unusual visitors to our School.  The first, on Wednesday, was Sidney the Skeleton, who looked as though he should be joining diners for a substantial School Dinner!

The second, was an amazing diver, who "flip-flopped" up the corridor to Rabbits Class, complete with oxygen cylinder on his back!

It has been a busy week for visitors, all the rest of whom were rather "normal", ranging in age from nine days old to ...?!!

Our Hall board has changed... the theme is "Our Portraits", so do see if you can spot anyone you know next time you pop in.

The corridor is full of owls, who are all friends of "Plop the Owl", who is perched on a Spring blossom tree, as he surveys the Parliament of Owls.  (It's amazing what a brown paper bag can become!)

Rabbits have been taken over by Romans, so look out for a re-enactment of a Roman Battle soon.

Planting has continued this week, and now the allotment is planted up with a selection of fruit and vegetables (rhubarb, strawberries, beans, Brussels sprouts, onions, leeks, mange-tout.)

Next Tuesday, there will be a Sharing Assembly, when some children share their most recent achievements.  If you come along, please remember to listen QUIETLY!

Reminder: School trip is on Wednesday 22nd May.