Friday, 30 September 2011

Week Ending 30th September 2011

Monday was the AGM of the Home School Association. A new committee was formed and they are already planning for Christmas events.

On Tuesday, there was the first Sharing Assembly of the year, when children from all classes shared their achievements.

Hamsters have enjoyed exploring our Nature Trail, which made a lovely shady escape from the bright sun. Hedgehogs have been "under the sea" discovering jellyfish and sea anenomes. Squirrels Class had a Victorian visitor, dressed in long dress, shawl, bonnet and with a parasol, who answered lots of questions. Rabbits Class have had fun experimenting as scientists, with forces such as friction and gravity. Badgers Class have been investigating what life is like, in the sun, in Jamaica.

Some dates for the diary:

Quiz Night - 1st October
Jeans for Genes Day - 7th October
Consultation Evening - 17th October
Sharing Time - 18th October
Disco - 19th October
Half Term - 21st October