Friday, 3 February 2012

Week Ending 3rd February 2012

Sharing Assembly on Tuesday was well attended, making our hall very busy, and rather noisy! Children shared their achievements so far this half term, and entertained us with flying aeroplanes, moving monsters, zooming rockets, and a boat with such a noisy funnel, that it made many in the audience jump in surprise!

On Friday, visitors from the zoo brought along a selection of creatures, from mini beasts, to Rainforest Monsters!

Next Monday, another visitor - a story teller - will be in School, to explain and demonstrate how to write a good story, and then how to tell it well.

Most afternoons next week, the children will be participating in our "International Week," when they will rotate round the classrooms and experience the taste of culture in different countries. Hamsters will be transformed into the Venetian Riviera, complete with gondolas. Hedgehogs will be feeling the cold, as they transform into an Antarctic Ice Age. Otters will be "hotting it up" in Morocco. Squirrels are transforming the room into the Taj Mahal in India. Rabbits will be a French cafe by the banks of the Seine, and Badgers focus is China... A hectic end to this half term!

Have an enjoyable half term (Monday 13th to Friday 17th February.)