Thursday, 14 January 2010

Week Ending 15th January 2010

Welcome to 2010!

We have had an unexpected snowy return to School, and been thoroughly tested by the wintry weather. The children have made wonderful snow sculptures, and even made an ice fort. The team work was impressive!

We returned to School last week and finished the end of the week with a visit to Milton Keynes Pantomime (Cinderella). Everyone who went had an enjoyable time, and we all felt the benefits of the laughter.

Our Foundation topic this week has been Science, with work on "Light and Dark", and "Forces". Rabbits Class have been investigating Chinese Art and have made fans and lanterns, with floral decorations. Their Science week will be later in the term, to coincide with a visiting scientist, who will work on "Parachutes and Flight" with those children.

Later in the term, we are holding a history day, when staff and children will transpose themselves into kings or queens for the day. Watch this space for updates!