Friday, 2 July 2010

Week Ending 2nd July 2010

We are adding the "finishing touches" to our Carnival Float entry, based on the theme of "Inventions". Hopefully Saturday will be warm and dry, and a happy occasion for all participants. As a School, we have contributed to a large "jig-saw" picture, which will be on display on Saturday. Do come along and see our art work in the finished product.

Our foundation topics this week have been geography, or design and technology. Rabbits children have made puppets which will be used in English as the characters for play scripts. They also made a lava lamp, which was quite magical. Younger children have been "shopping", and enjoyed making a shop of their choice that would be beneficial to the local community... so we await a pet shop / toy shop / antique shop / jewellery shop / sports shop / party shop / charity shop!

We ate our first home grown strawberries - the tastiest berries ever, we decided!

Younger children have set up butterfly houses, and when we each have a butterfly, we will dress up in bright clothes and butterfly wings and release our fluttering friends!