Friday, 22 November 2013

Week Ending 22nd November 2013

The high point of this week must surely have been the "Movie Night" in the School Hall on Thursday.  The scene was set, with a big projector screen, speakers, fairy lights and twinkling decorations, and tickets sold out very quickly.  The children watched the film "Arthur Christmas", and enjoyed a tasty drink and snack in the interval.  A magical evening enjoyed by all!

On Wednesday, there was a Sharing Assembly, when children shared their achievements over the past few weeks.  There was a wide variety of work, from posters, to models, to a demonstration of golfing skills.

Thursday was "Choices" afternoon when children enjoyed golf, African drumming, Advent Calendar making, Winter Wonderland modelling, science show time, newspaper publishing and cross country.  Our special visitor for "Jobs People Do" was a drama teacher, who gave the children a fun-filled hour of drama instruction.  A truly wonderful range of activities to chose from!

Badgers and Foxes have been learning about the digestive system this week, as part of the science curriculum.  But in true EBA style, the learning has not been confined to just books and diagrams... instead, they have been making models of the digestive system from household items - a yogurt pot to represent the liver, an old stocking to represent the large intestine...  Our Year Four and Five children will surely remember that lesson for years to come!

Some of our older pupils also enjoyed more Forest School activities this week, and collected natural objects to make into lovely Christmas decorations.

The children are working hard on items for our Christmas Concert, in December.  Revised dates for the concert are now:
Wednesday 11th December - 2.30pm
Thursday 12th December - 6.00pm
Friday 13th December - 7.00pm
Hamsters Sing-Along: Wednesday 11th December - 9.15am

Also, don't forget the Christmas Fayre: Sunday 8th December - 12.00-3.00pm
and the EBA Enterprise Fayre: Friday 6th December - 3.00-4.00pm