Friday, 4 November 2011

Week Ending 4th November 2011

Welcome back!

Hopefully an enjoyable break was had by all, that will "keep us going" until Christmas.

During the half term break, a small number of children enjoyed various activities at our very first Eaton Bray Academy Holiday Club.

Don't forget, Holiday Club will be running again in the Christmas Holidays, and is open to children aged three and over attending this School, and Year 5 children with siblings at this School. We would love to have more children to join in the fun!

Dates for diaries:

* OPEN AFTERNOON (creative curriculum in action!): 8th November 2 - 3pm

* SHARING TIME (celebrate achievements): 15th November 9am

* CHRISTMAS FAYRE: 26th November 12.30 - 3.30pm

* ST.MARY's CHRISTMAS TREE EXHIBITION (decorated with dolls from around the World): 3rd & 4th December

* SHARING TIME: 6th December 9am

* CHRISTMAS CONCERT: 6th December 2pm / 8th December 5.30pm

* PARTIES: 12th December (Squirrels, Otters, Hedgehogs), 13th December (Rabbits, Badgers), 13th December (Hamsters)

* CHRISTMAS DINNER: 14th December

* GAMES DAY: 15th December