Friday, 21 June 2019

Week Ending 21st June 2019

This week, Badgers Class children had a wonderful trip to the Amazon Fulfilment Centre in Dunstable.  They travelled by minibus, with half the class going on Monday, and the remainder on Tuesday.

The children enjoyed an interesting guided tour of the warehouse, which covers three floors and is the size of four football pitches! They listened to commentary through earphones which cut out all the noise from the machinery, and had to make sure that they walked on the blue pavement, so that they didn't get in the way of all that was going on in the busy work area.

The children were fascinated to discovery how robots are used by Amazon to move stock around.  There are around two thousand of them at the Dunstable Fulfilment Centre, which are programmed by reading bar codes.  The boxes are loaded onto automated conveyor belts, and have labels stuck on to them by robots, before being sent off to their destinations.  All the robots are given names, which are chosen and voted for by the employees.

At the end of the tour, all the children were given a water bottle and a Rubik cube puzzle to take home.


This year, Rabbits Class has linked up with Maidenhall Primary School in Luton as part of The School's Linking Network which aims to teach and promote identity, diversity, community and equality. 

On Thursday, the children from Maidenhall visited our school.  Rabbits Class children escorted them around the school giving them a thorough tour.  The theme of the day was based upon the book "Under the Same Sky" by Britta Keckentrup.  After reading the short book together, the children were presented with the four key questions from the text:

  • Who am I? 
  • Who are we?
  • Where do we live?
  • How do we all live together?

The children were divided into mixed school groups.  To answer these questions the children had to take part in four different activities.  They had to create a 3D mask, writing a brief description of themselves on the inside of the face.  The children drew around their hands, writing a brief account of their interests and grouped the hands together to create a collage where similarities were found.  They searched for their homes on Google Maps, and they created dream-catchers to show how we can all live together.

All the children had lunch together and enjoyed playing on the apparatus on the field.  Part of the story they read involves everyone playing the same games, so the children made up their own games which they played before the children from Maidenhall returned to Luton. It was a very busy and enjoyable day for all.


 On Friday we had a non-uniform day, where the children could wear their favourite clothes to school in return for the donation of a bottle for the tombola at our forthcoming Summer Fun Day.  The PTA volunteers have been working hard to organise this event, which takes place after our Key Stage One Sports Day on the afternoon of Tuesday 9th July.  Fingers crossed for good weather and a successful fundraiser!

PTA volunteers are also now busy organising the carnival float for the annual procession that takes place this year on Saturday 6th July.  The theme is "Village Life", and our float will chart the history of Eaton Bray, which the children have been learning about throughout this year.  Eaton Bray of course is famed for its damsons and carnations, so if you attend the carnival, do look out for the lorry covered with these!