Friday, 17 October 2014

Week Ending 17th October 2014

Parent consultation evenings were held this week, on Tuesday and Thursday, and many parents attended to find out all about the progress of their children. It is always amazing to see how much is accomplished within the first half term of a new School year.

Also on Tuesday and Thursday (the busiest days of the week?!) Art Club children were able to take home their creations. The children were very excited, and were heard making plans about where they would display their work.

Our ukulele players are progressing well, and can be heard strumming away happily, as they learn new chords and pieces of music. The joy of making music seems to have really taken off with our young musicians, who have been enjoying impromptu "busking" sessions in the library at lunchtime this week, involving a variety of instruments - trombone, violin, percussion... it lovely to see - and hear!

Younger children have been considering Harvest, and some re-enacted the story of "The Little Red Hen."  Next week, older children are looking forward to a visit from our friends at the Cafe Masala, who will be coming in to talk to them about spices and give instruction on how to make pilau rice. Meanwhile, some of the younger children will be food tasting, linked to the story of "Feeding the Five Thousand"

Don't forget, next week, School breaks up for a week for the half term holiday! Friday 24th October will be a non-uniform day, in return for a donation of sweets or a bottle for the Christmas Fair tombola.