Friday, 5 September 2014

Week Ending 5th September 2014

Welcome back!

We are all very excited to be starting a new school year, and pleased to welcome several new children this term. We all hope they enjoy their time with us.

Our new Year Fives look wonderfully smart in their blazers and ties. Year Sixes (Deer Class) have moved into their new classroom, and are happily settling in.  Children in Hedgehogs Class don't start until next Monday, and Hedgehogs staff have been busy this week carrying out home visits, in order to get to know the children in a familiar setting, before they start their full time education.

Monday and Tuesday were training days for school staff, and some of the time was spent learning more about the Forest School.  Staff found out how to build a fire and cook over an open stove, and everyone enjoyed delicious baked potatoes and toasted marshmallows.  A lovely start to the new term for staff!

There are lots of exciting changes to school dinners this term. Children in Reception and Years One and Two are now all entitled to free school meals, and kitchen staff are working hard to ensure that everyone gets a fabulous tasty and nutritious lunch every day. The kitchen has been refurbished, with new equipment and a salad bar for children to help themselves to healthy fresh salad and vegetables.

Children in Foxes and Deer have started this year's EBA Enterprise project. The plan is to open an EBA restaurant, which will be run by children for parents. The children will create menus, learn cooking skills, and find out all about running a small business.  The first task is to find out about different foods, and explore tastes, textures and flavours. This involved a blind tasting session this week, which was enjoyed by all!

Choices has started this week, and will now take place on a Friday afternoon. There are lots of different activities taking place, including Art, Website Design, Sports, Needlework, Pottery... something for everyone!