Friday, 15 May 2009

Week Ending 15th May 2009

"Ooh là là!" This week has been French week in Hamsters and Hedgehogs Classes.

Hamsters have enjoyed French food, French stories and songs, and with the help of a parent, have painted a wonderful Eiffel Tower on the playground.

Hedgehogs have had a French Café in their classroom, selling such delights as croissants, baguettes, gateaux and brioches! They have also played "boules" and learned to say their names and their teachers' names in French.

On Thursday, the playground was turned into the map of France, all ready for the "Tour de France!" Hedgehog children brought in bikes and scooters, and had a lovely time pedalling and scooting through the Channel Tunnel, around Paris, down to the Alps, along the Mediterranean coast, across the Pyranees, then back up the Atlantic coast! All in record time of course! C'était fantastique!