Friday, 9 November 2007

Week Ending 9th November 2007

The foundations for our new Nursery are laid! It was very exciting, seeing the cement lorries arriving and tipping in their contents.

Another reason for celebrating...

Our Ofsted Report is OUTSTANDING, in twenty-seven areas out of twenty-nine. Naturally, we are elated at such a result. Our report will soon be available to read on the Ofsted website, so do please take a look, if you have not had a copy from school already, as a parent. On Friday, the local press came along and took some special photographs. Do buy the local newspapers next week! Our cook made a special "Ofsted Cake", and each class had a surprise task to celebrate our success.

On Wednesday, all the children had their photographs taken by our Hedgehog teacher, who is also a very competent photographer. I'm sure they would make a lovely Christmas gift.

Rehearsals are underway for our Christmas Concert, and the parts have been allocated. we are now making props and backdrops, in all classes.