Friday, 25 November 2011

Week Ending 25th November 2011

The Christmas Spirit is upon us! Our boards are decorated with the theme of "Christmas Around the World" and the Concert is polished and professional.

Christmas in France - by Badgers

Christmas in America - by Otters

Henry's Holiday - by Hamsters

Christmas in Australia - by Hedgehogs

Concert dates: Tuesday 6th December at 2.00pm
Wednesday 7th December at 9.30am
Thursday 8th December at 5.30pm

There will be a collection before each performance commences, and drinks and nibbles available at the Tuesday and Wednesday shows.

Our hens are still laying eggs, and Henrietta seems to "on a high" at the moment, as she is often to be found on top of the hen house door!!

French is having an impact on us all, with many children using phrases throughout the day. A unit on "weather" has just been completed, so there could be family forecasts in French, around the breakfast table.

Children attending the sleepover have chosen their menu for breakfast, which our School cook will be up bright and early to prepare, with a loyal team of early bird helpers.

Sleepover date: 16th December