Friday, 12 December 2008

Week Ending 12th December 2008

On Monday and Tuesday, we held our "Mary's Knitting" Concert in the Hall. The children from the Nursery joined in with a rendition of "A Gift For The Baby Boy". Now that our Choir's performance and Concert are over, we are beginning to think of what we will do next year, to be a little bit different!

Also, thinking of next year, preparations are well under way for the planning of an allotment that the children will care for. The structure has been built, and plans have been made for the water butts. So far, the children want to grow marrows, pumpkins, potatoes and herbs! So look out you allotment holders, as we intend our veg will be outstanding - like the rest of our School!

Next week, we are having our School parties on Monday and Tuesday. On Wednesday, we will have our Christmas lunch, served by Staff. Thursday is the day for our "Talent Show" and children are practicing their routines. On the last day of term, we are holding a "DVD Extravaganza". After all that, we will all be ready for our holiday.

All that remains for this year is to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all at Eaton Bray Lower School.