Friday, 21 November 2008

Week Ending 21st November 2008

On Tuesday, we welcomed lots of parents, at a Sharing Assembly in the Hall. Children from all the classes shared their acheivements - dancing, art, ICT, maths, English - and impressed everyone with amazing history research in their new homework books.

This week our favourite topic has been history. Badgers have investigated King Henry VIII, and their research culminated in wonderful "King"-shaped booklets, full of details about his six wives. Their ICT skills are amazing!

Rabbits and Squirrels investigated Louis Braille. Squirrels can now write their names in Braille, and even have a Squirrels welcome plaque, on the door, in a "dot" code. We were very fortunate to be able to use an old "Braille" machine, and pressed the metal keys, to form the holes on the paper. One of the favourite activities was going on a "blind" walk around the playground, with eyes shut, whilst holding on to a gigantic rope! ...whatever next?

Our Hall is looking festive, and preparations for Choir Evening are in their final stages. The Concert, called "Mary's Knitting", is going to be ready for dress rehearsal in a couple of weeks.

Switching on of our EBLS Christmas lights will be on 1st December, when our entrance will be turned into a fairy-tale scene from Peter Pan.