Friday, 27 June 2008

Week Ending 26th June 2008

Our new Nursery is finished! Hip, hip hooray!

It looks absolutely wonderful, and will be open for viewing on Saturday at the Summer Fair.

Please do come along on Saturday to sample a wonderful barbecue and desserts, as well as having fun on lots of stalls. It starts at 12 o'clock and ends at 2.30pm.

On Wednesday, we entertained some charming elderly people, in our hall. All the children joined in singing jolly action songs and several children played the piano. The finale was a song and dance routine from "High School Musical", which included several children whizzing along on a trolley, and performing amazing gymnastics. Our visitors enjoyed afternoon tea, with our Year Four children, who than acted as tour guides.

Hedgehogs and Squirrels are very excited because their first few butterflies are happily enjoying their sugary water and flying in their butterfly houses. We look forward to releasing them next week, when the children will dress in brightly coloured outfits, including butterfly wings and antennae.