Friday, 26 September 2008

Week Ending 22nd September 2008

This week our foundation focus has been Science. Badgers have been investigating materials and compliled a complicated chart on Excel. Rabbits have been learning about electricity and have made their own circuits.

Squirrels and Hedgehogs have been discovering the topic "Ourselves". In the corridor we have a lifelike, life sized Squirrel girl, who is complete with many body part labels!

On Tuesday we held our first Sharing Assembly this year. Children from each class celebrated their achievements, and many parents came to watch. We welcomed some Hamster children (from the pre-school) for the first time.

Tag rugby is continuing on a weekly basis, and Badgers are extremely interested, thanks to the enthusiasm of one of our Dads!

Our School is looking bright and welcoming, as the pupils and staff have all worked so hard, decorating rooms, corridors and Hall.