Friday, 17 May 2013

Week Ending 17th May 2013

The kitchen has been extra busy this week, when some of the older children attended after school Cookery club on Tuesday afternoon.  The children made fresh strawberry fruit jellies and were taught the scientific processes of dissolving and filtering, then decorated shortbread biscuits with a selection of icing.  The children worked like professional chefs and had a lovely time.

Cookery Club is open to all Key Stage two children - great value at £2 for an hour of cookery instruction with two teachers - ingredients included - and your child gets to take home what they prepare!

Hedgehogs also enjoyed some cookery fun - they made tasty, healthy fruit smoothies, which tasted delicious!

Badgers Class have been investigating portraiture, as part of our "All About Me" theme, and have created their own self-portraits inspired by the artist Henri Matisse.  They have also been looking at celebrations from different cultures and have shared their experiences of weddings and other celebrations that they have attended.

There was great excitement once again on Thursday afternoon, as our Choices visitor was a lady from the "Birds of Bray," who brought along four owls - two British and two from South America.  The children enjoyed learning all about birds of prey from the UK and abroad, asked lots of question, and were all lucky enough to be able to hold an owl.  It was a truly marvellous experience for the children in this group.

Meanwhile, the Science Choices group had a wonderful time making things explode!  Everyone was asked to stand well back and wear safety goggles... because when mint sweets are added to cola, this is what happens...!

All the science experiments that the children have enjoyed this term, including the coke fountain, can be bought from

Reminder: School Trip on the River Thames - next Wednesday!