Friday, 10 May 2013

Week Ending 10th May 2013

Another busy week has flown by!

Everyone has been working hard decorating the classrooms and corridors, making our School look very exciting and invigorating!

Year Two children have been completing SATs tasks, and doing their very best English work.  Well done Year Two children!

During Choices, we have been lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet, and listen to talks, by a policeman, a diver, and a batman!

(We have been asked to point out a very significant error in last week's blog: as any diver knows, the cylinders used in diving contain air rather than oxygen!  We apologise for a potentially lethal mistake!)

Our new classrooms are virtually complete, so will soon be ready to be furnished and decorated internally.  A very exciting development for our School.

The School trip on the River Thames will be a wonderful finale to this half term - how unique, to travel on a boat, exclusively for our Academy!  Aren't we lucky?