Friday, 4 October 2019

Week Ending 4th October 2019

On Tuesday, Rabbits Class had a very enjoyable day out at the Chiltern Open Air Museum in Chalfont St Giles. The trip was linked to their topic work on the Iron Age, and the children spent the day finding out about life in pre-historic times.

The activities took place in a wonderful replica Iron Age Roundhouse, which was an ideal shelter from the frequent rain showers that fell during the day. The children made pots from clay, learnt how to grind grain to make bread and to churn cream to make butter. They also found out how to make iron age tools including spears made from sharpened stones which they tied onto sticks with dried grass.

It was an excellent "hands-on" day, and the children really gained a lot of knowledge about life on an Iron Age settlement.


Badgers Class was visited by keepers from Whipsnade Zoo, who came in to talk to the children about conservation and endangered species. The children handled some animal artifacts and were given interactive activities to help them explore this subject in an interesting manner. They found out lots of fascinating facts - for example, that elephants are afraid of bees! So, they learnt, bees hives are now being planted around farms in Africa to keep elephants off the crops, and therefore preventing the need for farmers to cull this endangered animal.

After the visit the children wrote lovely thank you letters to Whipsnade Zoo to let them know how much they had enjoyed the afternoon.


Foxes Class children have been learning a new game to help them recall, or look up, their times-table facts with greater speed and accuracy. It's been a great success, with everybody on the edge of their seats! Their work on the Anglo Saxons is progressing, and they are now mapping the areas of Britain that were conquered, and finding memories of Anglo Saxon dominance that has been left behind in our place names. 

In music, they are starting to learn how to dance and mix music, and in Computing, they wrote their very first computer program by compiling lines of code!