Friday, 16 March 2018

Week Ending 16th March 2018

It's been Science Week at Eaton Bray Academy.

All the classes have had an enjoyable time taking part in various scientific experiments and investigations.  Hedgehogs children had a range of activities to explore - mixing potions, sink or float, magnifying glasses and magnets.


Otters children linked their engineering investigations to the literacy work they have been doing over the past few weeks.  They had to design and build houses for the Three Little Pigs, out of sticks, straw and bricks, to determine which was the most stable.  A Big Bad Wolf with a hairdryer helped them with their conclusions!

Squirrels Class' investigation involved finding out the best way to melt ice, in order to free the poor people trapped inside!  They used a variety of means to accomplish this, including shining a torch at the ice block, wrapping it up in something warm, putting it on the radiator, and concluded that the quickest way to melt the ice was to pour warm water on it, but that the quickest way to free the man was to break the ice.

All the children in school took part in a competition organised by the Primary Engineers programme, to design an invention that will help someone to overcome a problem.  There were some amazing ideas, with lots of thought going into how life could be made easier through technology. 

The Domestic Bliss Bot!

Hamsters children enjoyed a trip to the local garden centre on Wednesday.  They were given a tour of Eaton Bray Nurseries and found out all about planting and growing plants.  They were very kindly given some plants and seeds to bring back to school, and had a lovely time planting them, getting very muddy in the process!  Thank you to the staff at Eaton Bray Nurseries for your time and donation of plants to the children.  

We have had some pleasant sunny days this week, and the children have thoroughly enjoyed being outside, making the most of our exciting outdoor play space.

Unfortunately not such a glorious day when our friends from the Cricket Club visited this week, but nonetheless, the children all seemed to enjoy the cricket taster sessions that they took part in.  Many children are now keen to take up the sport and join the local club.  Surely soon the weather will be perfect for a spot of cricket on the field!

Finally this week, our Year 6 children had some lovely news from the Young Enterprise people who visited in February.  They were so impressed with the budding business skills of our children and their teamwork and co-operation shown when working together, that they have decided to award £25 to each team so that they can get their business ventures into production!  The next step will be EBA Dragons Den, when the teams pitch their business ideas in the hope of receiving some investment.  The children are all very excited and keen to get their ideas up and running.  Thank you to Young Enterprise for your encouragement and generous contribution.