Friday, 6 October 2017

Week Ending 6th October 2017

The weekend saw lots of activity at Eaton Bray Academy!  A working party was formed, consisting of some staff members, parents and children, and everyone got busy on Sunday, creating a wonderful new outdoor play area for Hedgehogs Class. 

Thank you to all who came in to help - it is still a work in progress at the moment, but when it is finished, it will be an exciting and fun creative area, set in a lovely woodland dell.  Hedgehogs children are sure to have some wonderful adventures in their special area.

Tuesday of this week was Sports Day for Key Stage Two children.  The weather remained dry, bright and sunny and just about warm enough for the spectators to sit and enjoy the afternoon's entertainment. 

The children took part in various events including sprints, hurdles and relay races.  These were followed by the distance races which take place around the school grounds and along the lanes and footpaths surrounding the school.  Lots of children pushed themselves extra hard to do the half mile or full mile races, and school records for both distances were broken! 

All in all, an excellent afternoon of sport - well done to Mr Whall for organising it all so well.


Our record breakers were awarded certificates in assembly:
Daniel - half mile champion, George - one mile champion.

Once again, there has been plenty of practical maths in evidence in school this week.  Deer Class children have used some of the statistics from Sports Day to stretch their mathematical skills, analysing the data from the distances races and producing bar and pie charts of their findings.  Rabbits Class have been working with money, and Squirrels enjoying some maths board games. 

Foxes Class headed out into the sunshine on Friday, for a maths treasure hunt around the school grounds, with Roman numerals to decipher, and some quite tricky maths problems to solve!

And even our very youngest children in Hamsters Class have been enjoying learning about numbers this week, going out and about finding their favourite number in all sorts of interesting places!