Friday, 7 July 2017

Week Ending 7th July 2017

Another successful week of rugby, with Year Fives triumphant in their tournament on Monday  Well done team!  Year Six's turn next week...

Rabbits Class have enjoyed the great outdoors this week.  They went on a bird watching adventrue around the school grounds and in the Forest School area.  They made a note of all the different species of bird that they spotted and identified, and are planning to upload their findings onto a database.

Hamsters children had a wonderfully fun and messy art session this week.  Working with Mrs Flitton, they created a huge colourful butterfly on their playground.  This followed on from the excitement of last week, when the caterpillars they have been looking after were released as butterflies on Friday afternoon.

On Thursday, Hedgehogs Class had a very enjoyable day out in Ashridge Forest.  The theme for the day was "Art at Ashridge" and the children took part in a colour treasure hunt, did some bark rubbings, whittled sticks, and painted a wonderful forest frieze.

The weather was absolutely perfect, just right for exploring the forest and playing some outdoor games in the meadow.  At lunchtime, the children were joined for a picnic by parents, grandparents and younger siblings, who joined in the fun, or were able to just relax in the sunshine.  It really was a lovely day out - please enjoy some photos!

Friday was the day of our Young Enterprise Fair, an event that the Year Six children have been working hard towards to for many weeks and months.  Back before Christmas last year, the children wrote to a number of local businesses, asking for sponsorship for their enterprise plans.  Thanks to the generosity of these benefactors, and following a visit from representatives from the "Young Enterprise" charity in January, the children were ready and able to start their own mini businesses.

The children formed four teams, and each devised a business plan, calculated their costings, and last month promoted their business to "EBA Dragons' Den."   Following useful feedback from the Dragons, they finally went into production, making goods to be sold at the Enterprise Fair.

There were several stalls on the playground, field and in the Hall, with many lovely items to buy on Friday afternoon.  These included scented candles, superb cakes, delicious home made lemonade, sparkly magic wands, beads and loom bands, and some cleverly designed paper planes and other toys.  There were also games and competitions that customers could pay to take part in.  Those local businesses that had so kindly helped the children were invited into school to visit the Fair, as were parents and children.

It was very busy, and plenty of money seemed to be changing hands, so the children are hoping for impressive profits for their endeavours!  Thank you to everyone who (once again) came along to support our school.

There's lots more to look forward to next week, as we rapidly approach the end of the school year.  Let's hope that the sun keeps shining so that everyone can really make the most of these lovely summer days!